How To Use This Book

The book is designed to be used in three different ways.  First, the inexperienced lawyer can load this book on a desktop or notebook computer or mobile device, read it cover-to-cover, and have an immediate, comprehensive understanding of the law of trial in Tennessee civil cases.  Simply reading this book will not make the reader an excellent trial lawyer, but it will give the reader a solid grasp of the law of civil trial in Tennessee and thus more confidence in the courtroom.

Second, experienced trial lawyers can use this book as a source to refresh their recollection of law that was once known but has slipped away with the passage of time.

Third, both inexperienced and experienced trial lawyers can use this book as a resource in the middle of a trial, to give guidance on an issue that was not identified before trial.

All three intended uses of this book require it to be concise.  Lawyers do not have time to read a treatise on the law of opening statement or jury selection.  Particularly for questions that arise during trial, lawyers need to be able to find the law quickly. Thus, this book does not include a multitude of string cites.  It also does not purport to give an answer to every possible question that may arise during trial.  While certain evidentiary issues are discussed, the book is not a treatise on the law of evidence, that subject being left to the fine work of Neil Cohen, Sarah Sheppard and the late, great Donald Paine.  Quite candidly, I cannot imagine trying cases in Tennessee without a current copy of Tennessee Law of Evidence within arm’s reach.

A quick review of the Table of Contents reveals that the book is divided into chapters readily understandable to even the most inexperienced trial lawyer.  Each chapter is divided into multiple subjects to aid the lawyer in quickly identifying information of interest.

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